Date Night


Happy Friday! Friday is probably my favorite day of the week for obvious reasons. It is the start to the weekend which means the start to a new adventure. I appreciate weekends so much more as a working girl and as a girlfriend of a working man. The weekend is the one time where we can go explore and try new things together. I especially love Friday night date nights. Normally for date night, I love to get dressed up if we are going somewhere a little fancy. Friday date nights are a little different. I get home from work and all I want to do is change out my clothes and throw on something more comfy.

This outfit is perfect for just that! It still looks put together and dressed up, but it still has that casual aspect to it. I am absolutely loving destroyed denim right now and I am always finding new ways to style them. I absolutely love styling ripped denim with a simple cami tank and some great heels. I think this is the easiest date night look to throw on. It is one of those no brainer outfits that I always talk about. You just throw it on and go.

This is such perfect for the last few weeks of summer where it is still warm enough at night to wear a tank. I also styled it with my favorite suede jacket for when it gets a little chilly during the first nights of fall. What is your favorite date night look? I  bet you styled destroyed denim in so many different ways! I’d love to hear about it. Let’s chat in the comments!

IMG_0037 IMG_0011 IMG_0010 IMG_0007IMG_0040 IMG_0033 IMG_0006IMG_0029 IMG_0022 IMG_0020

I am currently in Oregon visiting family and I am having the best time! Yesterday I went wine tasting for the first time in the hills of Dundee Oregon. They have vineyards everywhere and it was the most beautiful atmosphere. I think I am meant to be a wine taster…I mean hanging around gorgeous vineyards all day with a glass in my hand?! Life doesn’t get any better than that. Today we are heading to the Eastern Coast and I hear it’s going to be beautiful since it has been hot hot hot here!

Thanks so much for reading & I hope you have a great weekend! Any fun plans?!

Stay chic!

Outfit Details

Cami: Wayf. Find it at Nordstrom here | Jeans: Nordstrom (my absolutely favorite & under $70!) | Shoes: Klub Nico @ Nordstrom | Suede Jacket: Nordstrom | Clutch: Francesca’s. Similar here

Business Casual


For all my #girlbosses out there, I’m super excited about this post because it is post #2 out of 3 in my Work Wear Wednesday’s series! Last week I talked about how to achieve a super trendy business casual look. This week I’m talking all about how to master that business casual look. I know I always get confused when I see the words “business casual.” Does that mean I dress business or casual? For the longest time I didn’t quite understand, but if being in a sorority for 4 years taught me anything, it definitely taught me how to dress for business casual.

I’m not usually one to grab for the black items in my closet first…I’m more of a color and pattern kind of girl. But when I am stuck for time or don’t know what to wear, I know I can always grab a cute black skirt or dress, pair it with my black blazer, throw on some nude pumps, and go. This kind of outfit shows how put together (even if you got dressed in 5 minutes and did your makeup in the car #GUILTY) and professionally chic you are. Next time you are running out the door, try throwing on a blazer and I promise you will feel as good as you look.

My look is a little more on the casual side of business casual since my skirt is a little shorter. I think in most companies you could get away with it, but if you’re looking for something on the super business side, you’ll have to wait for next week’s post! Continuing on the theme of last week’s post, I can’t say it enough…a good blazer is everything in the working world. And even outside of it too (I would totally wear this black blazer with a white cami, ripped denim, and pumps for a date night!). A blazer instantly adds that professionalism aspect to any outfit. Read on for the three types of blazers I think every woman should have in her closet.

  • A simple black blazer. Because if I didn’t convince you that you need a black blazer in your life before, I will now. A black blazer can achieve any of the three major types of professional looks: trendy business casual, business casual, and business attire. For example, you can’t go wrong with throwing on a black blazer over dark denim flares and kitten heels. This is a serious investment piece.

  • A standout colorful blazer. If you need some inspiration, check out last week’s post. I think a colorful blazer is a must because of the countless amounts of outfits you can make. I have blazers in 5 different bright colors, because they are so easy to throw on with slacks and a tee or a pencil skirt and a cami. They instantly add some fun to your outfit and show off your personality.

  • A simple, muted blazer. There are all times when we go to work and we want to impress. Maybe we have a big presentation or a huge meeting with important clients. You don’t want to go overboard with your outfit, but you still want to be seen as a fashionable young woman. Try throwing on a cream, gray, or light pink blazer. You will still look super chic, but you won’t be drawing too much attention away from what’s really important in these situations…you and your work.

IMG_0029IMG_0015 IMG_0013IMG_0044IMG_0036IMG_0008IMG_0022IMG_0007IMG_0038IMG_0020IMG_0004IMG_0001

Thanks so much for reading! Stay tuned for next week’s final post in my Work Wear Wednesday’s series. I am showing you how to achieve a perfect business attire look for those companies who have a super strict dress code.

Stay chic!

Stripes and Camel


I know it’s only August, but I can’t help but already start thinking of fall. I am 100% a summer girl. Being born and raised in Southern California my whole life, I have gotten used to perfect weather: nonstop sunshine and hot temperatures pretty much year round. As I get older, I finally am getting the idea of dressing for the seasons, not necessarily the weather. While I know I can’t be dressing in extreme fall and winter fashion living in SoCal, I have found some fun styles that work all year round, but especially during that summer to fall transition. One of my favorite combos for September and for back to school is strips and camel. Throw on a little red lip and it’s a party!

The stripes and camel combo can be worn in so many different ways with items you already have in your closet! Take my look for example, I know all my fashionistas have some form of a blake and white stripe tee. Whether it be long sleeves, short sleeves, a tank or camisole, or even a sweater. Pair that item with some denim and cognac colored shoes and you’ve got a super easy transition look!

Another super easy look? Pair that same striped tee with a skirt. Try a denim skater skirt or an olive green wrap skirt. Throw on some nude heels and add the touch of camel with a cute clutch. I would totally wear this outfit on a fun date night or even running errands out and about.

IMG_0052 IMG_0049 IMG_0037 IMG_0012IMG_0025 IMG_0011 IMG_0009

The possibilities are endless with a striped tee, a camel accessory item (think a bag or heels), and don’t forget that red lip. Most of you will find these items in your closet right away, but if you don’t have them…I think these are some investment pieces every fashionista should own. You will wear them over and over again in countless amounts of outfits. Keep reading below for some of my favorite pieces!

Thanks so much for reading & I hope you have a great week!

Stay chic!

Shopping for a New Dress


Happy Saturday my chic friends! This might be one of my favorite posts ever because of this gorgeous blue and white dress. I know I wear dresses WAY too much, but they are my favorite thing to throw on in the morning, no matter what season. I love to style a dress with accessories and finding the perfect shoes is like the cherry on top for me. Some of you might be asking, “How can she buy so many dresses without getting tired of them?”  Well let me tell you why. Every time I’m shopping for a new dress, I ask myself the following questions:

  1. Do I have something similar? This is obviously the most important question. I don’t want to buy 10 skater dresses and 0 maxi dresses. I need a wide variety of dresses. When I’m shopping, I immediately mentally scan through my closet to see if I have any dress similar. If I already have that shape or pattern in my closet, I’m probably going to pass on that item. I am always looking for a different kind of silhouette or a different pattern than what I already own. I try to buy dresses in a variety of colors and styles to switch things up. For example, I don’t have anything else like this blue and white dress in my closet. The silhouette, pattern, colors, and detailing are unlike anything else I own.
  2. Why do I need this dress? Super important question! I will often find a super great summer dress in late August but I have to really make sure I need this. I probably don’t because by late August I am starting to buy dresses more geared to fall and most likely I won’t be wearing it next summer because I’ll be buying new dresses then. I really like to make sure I need that dress for something and that it will fit into my current wardrobe. I may really love a dress, but if I don’t need it chances are I will end up wearing it only one time and wasting money I could’ve spent on a truly needed piece.
  3. Is this dress special? My favorite question! A dress has to have that certain it factor. I see countless dresses that I would absolutely love to own. But at the end of the day, I want to make sure it is special to me and that I am truly going to feel like myself in it. Quick example: I saw this blue and white dress in the store window of a boutique as I was passing by. It completely screamed out to me and when I tried it on, it was love at first sight. I need to have this feeling with every item of clothing I buy because I never want to have second guesses. I want my closet to be full of unique items that fit my style and personality. To me, they need to be special.

IMG_0083 IMG_0061IMG_0031IMG_0019IMG_0053IMG_0034IMG_0030IMG_0024IMG_0077IMG_0060

Next time you’re out and about shopping for dresses, try asking yourself these three questions. I guarantee your closet, personal style, and wallet will be thanking you later!

Hope you all have amazing weekends! I’m laying low this weekend after a super busy week. I’m heading to Oregon next week and I’m trying to fit everything into one carry on! I’ll be sharing some packing tips and will let you know if I can actually accomplish this next week.

Thanks so much for reading & stay chic my friends!

Outfit Details

Dress: Goldie’s on 4th (cutest little boutique by my house! So glad I found this place!) | Shoes: old from Forever 21. Similar here (on sale for 35% off!!) and here | Bag: Zac Posen. Love this little mini version here

Trendy Business Casual


I’m so happy you stopped by for today’s post because it’s a little something different than I’ve ever shared before. This is a new, short series that I am super excited to start and share with you all: Work Wear Wednesdays. I know the majority of you chic ladies are all working girls and of course #girlbosses. I love to look good everywhere I go; for me it is a major confidence booster. When I look my best, I automatically feel my best like I’m ready to conquer the world. So we should look our best at the work place where we spend the majority of our waking hours, am I right?! Today’s post is all about how to conquer the trendy business casual look.

I graduated college a year ago in June (insert sad emoji face…because let’s face it: I totally MISS college) and I went straight into the working world. I was unbelievably excited to get offered a full time position at a totally cool start up. We aren’t as cool as google, but we are getting pretty close. I was nervous that I was going to have to wear slacks and a button up everyday and my style wouldn’t be able to shine through as much. But working in a Silicon Valley style start up comes with some major perks. The biggest one being the totally casual dress code. We actually don’t have a dress code, but walk around and you will find people in sweat pants and shorts…yes it is THAT casual.

So to make a long story short, I can wear basically whatever I want which is a dream! During the summer, I wanted to try and wear shorts in the office. Although we don’t have a dress code, I still always want to look professional and decent (no crop tops and bootay shorts please). Some of my coworkers have worn rompers and shorts before so I wanted to give it a shot too. Read on for my 3 tips with how to make shorts appropriate in the office.

  1. Keep it classy! Don’t come to work wearing super tight short shorts. If I can see some cheek, that is not okay. Keep it appropriate by choosing a pair of shorts that don’t look like you’re about to go to the beach. What I love about these shorts (BTW I found these Kate Spade shorts at Nordstrom Rack for only $34…major steal!) is that they look professional. They totally have that office vibe.
  2. Throw on a blazer! Blazers instantly make everything more professional. That is what I tell myself every time I put one on. Even though this blazer is super colorful, it works because it compliments the shorts while adding more professionalism to the outfit.
  3. Choose the right shoes! This outfit could’ve worked with some low heels, but I decided to opt with a chunky heel. You do not want to wear stilettos or super high heels. High heels and shorts may work (occasionally) but more often than not, it looks a little trashy. Keep the height with a chunky heel. Classy all the way ladies!


I hope you enjoyed my first post in the series of Work Wear Wednesdays. I am sure some of you lovely ladies work in a casual environment just like myself and can totally rock this look. If you don’t work in this type of environment, I think this look would be great for a more professional lunch date or maybe a conference. Heck, I would even wear this on the weekend!

Thanks so much for reading and I can’t wait to share more work wear outfits with you all! I’d love to hear how you style a trendy business casual look! Let’s chat in the comments below!

Stay chic!

Outfit Details

Shorts: Kate Spade @ Nordstrom Rack. Similar here | Tee: Nordstrom | Blazer: Super old. Love this one | Shoes: Nordstrom | Bag: Zac Posen. Love this cute little version | Sunnies: Quay @ Nordstrom

Favorite Business Causal Shorts

Casual Summer Boho Dress


There’s nothing I love more than a fun and flirty boho dress. I recently went through my closet (trying to make room for all my fall #NSale purchases) and I had to make extra room for all my dresses. I have so many and even though I know I should stop buying dresses, I just can’t. With summer nearing the end and fall fast approaching, I’m wearing all my summer dresses like I’m never going to be able to again. But, hello, there’s always next summer.

This cute little boho dress, from one of my favorite boutiques ever D.Monaco, is on serious rotation during the last few weeks of summer. Here’s a little truth: I’ve been wearing it almost every weekend, but I am not mad about it. I love finding different ways to style it. I’ve worn it with a chic cognac suede jacket and booties for date night. I’ve worn it to the beach with espadrilles and a sun hat. But I think my favorite way to wear this dress is with a jean jacket tied around my waist and some fun flatforms. I love the ease and simplicity of this weekend outfit. I wore it for a day strolling around the cutest little beach town by our house.


Want to snag this summer dress for yourself, head over to D.Monaco!

Outfit Details

Dress: c/o D.Monaco | Jean Jacket: Old Navy | Shoes: Steve Madden. On sale for $55!| Earrings: Francesca’s, Similar here | Glasses: old, similar here | Bag: Old Navy, old. Similar here |

White on White…with a touch of blue

IMG_0028 IMG_0026

I am all about the white on white trend this summer. And you already know how obsessed I am with anything blue and white (my favorite trend of the summer!). So of course I am going to rock the white on white trend, throw in some blue, and call it a day.

During the summer, I normally opt for what else but dresses, dresses, dresses! They are so easy to throw on and go. But I work in an office and while I normally wear dresses 4 out of the 5 days, sometimes I can’t stand that darn AC that blasts 24/7. I mean come on, do all offices have to be so freezing?! On these days, I normally grab my white jeans and start thinking of an outfit around that. Sometimes I’ll throw on a tank and a light cardigan or blazer. But other times I want to be more casual, especially since I work in a very casual outfit. I’m talking guys walk around in sweat pants and Adidas sandals…no I’m not joking!

IMG_0022IMG_0005 IMG_0021 IMG_0020IMG_0017

I love this simple 3 quarter sleeve tee from SheIn. It is perfect when I’m looking for something to pair with white jeans and it is just casual enough to make me feel comfortable on those days I need to dress down a bit. It is comfy, chic, and cute. If you find a top that masters the three C’s, in my opinion you are all set.

Accessorizing is my middle name, so throwing on some nude shoes to complete the white on white look was a no brainer. I threw on a statement necklace (also white) for a little vavavoom and not much else. This outfit could have easily been accessorized more with some fun earrings or some gold bangles. Honestly, the possibilities are endless with this top.




This top is from SheIn and is only $28. What a steal right?! SheIn is my go to online retailer when I want to find cute stylish clothes, but I don’t want to break the bank. I love knowing that I can try different styles and trends without worrying about spending too much. SheIn has so many great pieces, I can never chose just one or two!

Are you feeling that white on white trend? I’d love to hear how you accessorize and style this super cute trend. As always, thanks so much for reading and look out for my #NSale picks coming tomorrow! I’ll be shopping later this evening and I literally cannot wait! Happy shopping!

Stay chic!


Top: c/o SheIn | Jeans: Old Navy | Shoes: Hinge @ Nordstrom | Necklace: old, similar from Bauble Bar | Bag: Zac by Zac Posen. Love the mini version too

Pineapple Tee


There is nothing I love more than a chic, casual outfit. Well maybe I love dresses more, but a tee shirt that goes with everything, that’s for sure a close second. It’s that type of outfit that is perfect for a hot summer weekend day when you just need to throw something on and go, but still look super cute. It’s that type of outfit that when I get home from work (and I am seriously riding the struggle bus) I throw on for a sushi date night with my boy. We all have these go to outfits and if you look in my closet, you will find countless tees, from graphic tees to V-necks to oversized tees, all for this type of outfit.

I am super happy to add this pineapple tee from Romwe to my collection. Ladies, it is only $11…it doesn’t get any better than that! I ordered a size up so that it could be a little more comfy and cozy. I was so inspired by the cute summer pineapple on this tee, that I knew I had to accessorize accordingly! And my motto is…the more, the merrier.

IMG_0033IMG_0030 IMG_0027IMG_0017 IMG_0014 IMG_0007IMG_0004 IMG_0003

I threw on my new favorite beads from BaubleBar and my new favorite watch from Jord watches. I have a confession to make. While I absolutely adore watches (and have many of them), they don’t always make it into my daily arm candy. Especially during the summer when it is hot and sweaty and I don’t want that huge weight from a watch on my wrist. But with this gorgeous Jord watch, I know I will be wearing it all summer. It is super lightweight and it doesn’t even feel like I am wearing anything on my wrist. I also love the wood design! If this watch doesn’t scream summer, I don’t know what will.


So the next time you are running out the door and need a simple, yet chic outfit…I suggest you grab a comfy tee, some cutoff shorts, and accessorize to give your outfit that little extra vavavoom. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Thanks so much for reading as always my chic friends!


Pineapple Tee: c/o Romwe. Only $11 | Wood Watch: c/o Jord Watches | White cutoff shorts: Nordstrom | Necklace: BaubleBar | Sandals: old. Similar here & here | Glasses: Quay @ Nordstrom

Tassel Vacation Dress


It’s July and summer is in full swing! Normally my family likes to take vacations toward the end of summer, but this year we switched it up and went to Cabo in the beginning of June. I usually have the whole summer to search for the perfect vacation wardrobe, from easy breezy dresses to the best swim suits. This year, June snuck up on me so fast, I hardly had anytime to shop (oh boo hoo, poor me right?!). But I did manage to find the cutest vacation dress.

IMG_0023 IMG_0020 IMG_0019 IMG_0018

You know the kind you just see and have to have for summer? Yup! Well this beautiful tassel dress was totally one of those dresses. I saw it online and before I looked at the price, I automatically assumed it was waaay out of my price range. But the price tag of only $38 had me instantly sold. I could wear it all summer and totally get my money’s worth. Easiest thing I’ve bought all summer long.

And it is the cutest vacation dress. It has all the things I look for in a vacation dress. 1) It is SUPER cute…I mean does it get any better with the tassels?! 2) It is lightweight which means it is easy to travel with and will keep you cool through all your vacation activities. 3) It will score you major vacation envy, I can’t tell you how many compliments I received walking through town in this dress.

IMG_0014 IMG_0012 IMG_0009 IMG_0004

You can find all my outfit details below, including this fab dress for $38 (it also comes in another fun print!). Thank you so much for reading & I hope you have amazing weekends! See you next week.

Stay chic!

Outfit Details

Dress: Angie @ Nordstrom $38 & also comes in another cute print | Bag: old. Similar here & here (perfect carryall for vacation | Hat: Zara. Similar here | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Sandals: Steve Madden. Love these & these

Backless Cabo Dress


In early June, I took a 9 day vacation to Cabo, Mexico! It was the beautiful paradise I remembered from my childhood and I had the best time with my family. Since I came back (already almost a month ago!!), I think I have still been living in that vacation mode. Seriously, I just unpacked my suitcase last week. I’ve got that relaxed, lazy vibe thing going on and I can’t quite shake it. Maybe it’s because it’s summer and I am reminiscing about the days spent sleeping in until noon, driving to the beach with the windows down, and staying up all night with my friends. It’s so easy to crave those simple times when you’re working 8-5 in the summer. But then I think how lucky I am to be able to travel and experience new things I couldn’t when I was younger. I couldn’t afford a 9 day vacation to Cabo when I was in high school (and the fun wardrobe to go along with it). I could barely afford to go to the movies with my friends on Friday night.

IMG_0277IMG_0093 IMG_0137IMG_0190 IMG_0203IMG_0231IMG_0239IMG_0249IMG_0257

I guess the moral of all my ramblings is sure this is only my second summer of being a true adult in the adult world and of course I can’t help but miss those summer nights. But in reality, I wouldn’t trade where I am for anything. I am at the point in my life where I can do the things I want and I don’t have to ask permission or apologize for them. It is liberating and free and isn’t that what the summer feeling is all about anyway?

I am going to have a full recap of my Cabo trip on Chic Serendipity early next week but I am so excited to share this fun little back-less number. Like how freakin cute is this?! And the backdrop, don’t even get me started! We stayed at the most gorgeous hotel, The Grand Mayan, for a few days and it was unbelievable waking up to this view. Can I move there like yesterday?! Unfortunately I bought this little dress at a super cute boutique so I can’t link to it, but I found a few other swoon worthy back-less pieces below.


Thanks so much for being on this journey with me & I hope you can relate in some small way to my new life in the adult world.

Stay (summer) chic!